Organ Transplant Support

Coach Bud Foster is proud to announce the expansion of the Lunch Pail Defense Foundation. In addition to providing eligible students on a needs basis with scholarship support, the foundation is now expanding its outreach to include the newly created “Organ Transplant Family Support Program” in conjunction with Duke University Medical Center.

Coach Foster and the Foundation Board understand the tremendous financial impact that affects organ transplant recipients and their families. There are a myriad of expenses incurred by families during an organ transplant procedure, including long term lodging near the hospital, transportation, meals, and child care, among many others. Many families struggle to afford these costs that are so important to the success of an organ transplant procedure. The desire of the foundation is to assist these families in their time of need and to contribute to the overall success of Duke’s organ transplant program.

Funds contributed to this program go directly to the Duke University Transplant Department and are distributed on a needs basis as decided by the transplant teams.

Organ Transplant image